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Pine Pollen on the Lake

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PEN & INK (ORIGINAL 21" X 11") PROFESSIONALLY FRAMED & MATTED UNDER GLASS (BLACK WOOD FRAME). Early June when the temperature starts to rise in Muskoka is a sign when the White Pines start to spread their pollen. The pollen which is a deep yellow colour can spread every where & when you have a breeze even further. Cottagers have to endure this natural process every year & have to clean everything the pollen lands on. Pollen landing on the water forms a yellow haze. Inspiration for this piece came from carful observation of the pollen on the water. Wave action forces the pollen to collect in small areas close to shore which creates interesting movement & shapes. I used acrylic inks to create the movement & shapes of the pollen on the water.

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CAD 1,050.00

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Length/Depth: 0.75 in
Width: 15.75 in
Height: 26.75 in
Length/Depth: 1.5 in
Width: 17.75 in
Height: 28.75 in


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Inspirational Artistry Steve Rose Artist

Artist Statement My focus is on creating works that capture detail using Pen & Ink with additional washes of Watercolour & Acrylic Ink. Through the use of these techniques, I produce real landscapes or unique individual subject matter within it. “Connecting a viewer to a memory or emotion is the ultimate reward. Artist Bio Raised in Toronto, Ontario Canada and having a family cottage in Muskoka gives me the opportunity to experience a wide range of topography, from the Niagara Escarpment to the beauty of the Canadian Shield throughout the Muskoka Region. A self taught artist I became seriously interested in visual art through various forms including Watercolour Painting/Pen & Ink Drawing. Muskoka is my inspiration for my artwork. I love Watercolour for the immediacy and fluidity it involves, but Pen & Ink allows me to indulge in drawing with the attention to detail that I have always loved to do. I am an active member of Visual Arts Mississauga & Artist Network Toronto. I participate in many art shows in Toronto & the Muskoka Region.


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Pine Pollen on the Lake
Pine Pollen on the Lake
Inspirational Artistry Steve Rose Artist
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