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Yellow UV Reactive Potion Bottles Yellow UV Reactive Potion Bottles

Yellow UV Reactive Potion Bottles

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Price is per bottle, shipping is Priority Mail. Each of these mini potion bottles glow in UV light! You may choose which bottle you'd like. For more than one, please add them to your shopping cart and buy all together to save shipping. Each of my blown glass bottles is individually handmade by me, and each is therefore unique. UV colors are a little hard to show with the camera, but the bottles in the middle most accurately show the correct color. Size varies slightly, but most measuring a around 2" tall and about 1" wide, with an opening about .25" across and each comes with a cork stopper. Please Note: These bottles are also listed on Etsy. I will try to update quickly if someone else makes a purchase, but if the bottle you choose was purchased first by someone on Etsy, I will contact you for a second choice. Thank you for understanding.

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Yellow UV Reactive Potion Bottles
Yellow UV Reactive Potion Bottles
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