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Luxury Fiber Schrödinger's Bags Luxury Fiber Schrödinger's Bags

Luxury Fiber Schrödinger's Bags

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We know that everyone loves a surprise. So, this year for Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival we decided to offer a large assortment of our Schrödinger’s Grab Bags. Due to the complex quantum nature of these bags we can’t be sure of what we packed inside; so, just like the famous thought experiment, without opening them they have superposition of quantum states and can be thought to contain any and all of the yarn or fiber that we packed inside.  Once they are bought and opened the quantum states collapse and the contents are determined. We like to think that this is a more humane experiment than putting a cat in a box (with radioactive matter). These Luxury Fiber Bags contain two 4 oz bags of our Lamarr Top, Yak/Cultivated Silk Top, or Yak/Merino Top. As with all of our Schrödinger's Bags, the value of the products inside varies but will always be greater than the retail price of the package. Quantities are limited. Fiber Information: Lamarr Top: 114g (4 oz) of 60% Superfine Merino Wool / 20% Yak / 20% Chinese Cashmere Top Yak/Cultivated Silk Top: 114g (4 oz) of 50% Cultivated Silk / 50% Brown Yak Top Yak/Merino Top: 114g (4 oz) of 50% Yak / 50% Merino Wool Top Images shown are samples of what may be in the bag.

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The Fiberists, LLC

This year we are featuring our Schrödinger's Bags. We have them in a variety of yarn selection, and each shows some samples of what may be inside. These are only available through this page. We also have a few collaboration kits that feature marled yarn from Fully Spun; supplies are limited, so these will go fast. We have provided previews for many of our standard products; please check out our website at the link above (it looks like a link in a chain) - for more items and to purchase our non-show specials. We will be hosting a 30 minute zoom session at Noon and 2 PM Eastern Time on Saturday and Sunday of the festival. You will need to click the video call button then click the "Click to open in external browser" button. There may be a limited number of seats in each zoom call. We will also be hosting these on Instagram as Live sessions, if that is easier to join! We are featuring a $10 flat shipping fee for all of the show specials. If you order more than one it will still be $10 shipping. This only applies to the show specials here, purchases through our website will have standard shipping rates apply. Shipping rates are for shipping to locations in the continental US only. International and outside of the continental US shipping is available, but will need to be priced on a per order basis, additional shipping charges may apply.


Luxury Fiber Schrödinger's Bags
Luxury Fiber Schrödinger's Bags
The Fiberists, LLC
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Saturday 9/25/2021: 12:00 - 12:30 PM Eastern Time 2:00 - 2:30 PM Eastern Time Sunday 9/26/2021: 12:00 - 12:30 PM Eastern Time 2:00 - 2:30 PM Eastern Time We will also be simulcasting on Instagram Live.