The Foldout Cat The Foldout Cat
Cat Batts: Chonks Cat Batts: Chonks

Cat Batts: Chonks

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Just like our regular art batts, but MORE: the family-sized member of our batty family :-)! Merino wool blended with assorted other fibery add-ins. See each individual colorway for details and individual batt weight.

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The Foldout Cat

The Foldout Cat is a multi-creative fiber business, run by Q (aka the Chief Feline) with the frequent and welcome assistance of partners Fiber J and Maker J. All three of us are fiber polyartists and teachers (Q occasionally practices estate-planning law on the side, because she's multibrained like that). We make and sell one-of-a-kind art batts using our unique Batt Buffet, featuring Merino wool, Angelina, bamboo, silk, and more, and our beloved Strauch carders. We also weave in the SAORI tradition, spin on a whole herd of wheels, hand-dye small-batch one-of-a-kind yarn and fiber, teach freespirited weaving and spinning, and sell our finished products plus fiber-arts tools and supplies. We believe that everyone's an artist and that giving people access to fiber-arts tools, supplies, and concepts lets them prove it to themselves. We don't believe in the Fiber Police :-). What matters is whether a maker enjoys what they're doing and likes the result. No two people create the same way. We embrace and encourage that free-spirited uniqueness.

Cat Batts: Chonks
Cat Batts: Chonks
The Foldout Cat
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Come join the Foldout Cat in our Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival 2021 virtual booth on Sunday 26 September! The Chief Feline, Q, and her partners, Fiber J and Maker J, will be online from 10 am to 3 pm on the 26th. *At 10 am, Q will do a demo on freestyle weaving on one of her beloved SAORI floor looms. *At 12, Q will do a carding demo using pet combs, hand cards, and a blending board. One of her drum carders may make a surprise appearance ... :-) *And at 2 pm, Q and her partners, Maker J and Fiber J, will demo their various entertainingly idiosyncratic approaches to spinning, Q on an e-spinner and the Js on their respective Majacraft wheels. Otherwise, we'll be hanging out, fibering together, and talking about whatever comes to mind. See you here!