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Here is a listing for a 4 ounce hand painted Falkland wool top roving. All of my rovings are hand painted by me and I use these rovings to spin my yarn. I dye all of my fiber using Eco-Friendly dyes and I set the color with steam and Citric Acid. I carefully mix all of my colors to create the color ways you see. Fiber: 100% Merino Weight: 4 Ounces Staple length: Approximately 2 3/4" - 3" inches Merino is considered the royal family of the wool world. In the 12th and 13th century Spanish royalty started importing rams from what is today Morocco to breed with their finest sheep and the Merinos were the amazing result. The Merinos were named after the African tribe Beni-Merines. The Merino has a small body but it grows a very dense, fine fleece with a regular crimp. Merino wool has a wide range of wool spanning from finest to coarsest it ranges from 11.5 microns to 26 microns. This is 21.5 micron diameter fiber, a medium grade Merino. All of the rovings from Allegheny Fiber Arts are created in a SMOKE-FREE, but pet friendly home.

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