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**Please note this is just an example of what kinds of bags I have available in my booth and etsy store** This pointy happy bag is perfect for storing all sorts of crafterly things and is a decoration in itself! It's especially nice for toting socks, scarves or hats. The perfect 1 skein project bag. Since I’m not a monogamous knitter or crocheter I use these bags to keep each project separate and makes for fun grab and go projects. The bag measures approximately 9 inches high along the zipper and approximately 9.5 inches wide and 9 inches deep. It has a looped handle with a key ring at the top for easy clipping to your larger bag and enables grab and go as well as wrist wear. This bag has strong interfacing so it is very sturdy and “stands up” there’s a zipper up the middle of the triangle for easy access. It’s completely lined so there is no raw seams to ravel and fray. 100% cotton fabric, machine washable, press as needed.

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I am StarKnits! My name is Allena, I'm married and we have 2 wonderful girls and now a grandson. I love to make things with my hands. I've been creating things since I was little. I love to knit, spin, crochet, bead, sew, weave and dye. (And any combination of them)


Quality project bags, fabric baskets, stitch markers, customized crochet hooks and more! I create what I call project support. I think everyone needs a little color and fun in their life! I offer quality project bags in very useful shapes and sizes and fun attractive fabrics, stitch markers (both knitting and crochet) and custom crochet hooks. I love helping to organize and protect your projects as you carry them around. #alwaysbringaproject


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