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Threshold is a drawing of a wood grain door with light falling on it from a window. On either side of the door are looming house plants within white frames. It is undetermined whether the viewer is looking from outside the home at plants within or if they are inside the scene looking at plants outdoors. Never the less, there is a threshold between audience and topical plumage. I am a multi-disciplinary artist working predominantly in drawing and printmaking. Through my artwork I articulate habitats and illustrations of home. Studying environmental sustainability issues at Dalhousie lead to a deeper look at human interactions with place. Remnants of intaglio print processes are found in my drawings wide boarders and fine line work. My father's influence as a homebuilder has lead me to collect photographs of houses from streets I have lived on. Working at a greenhouse and in my mother's gardens are amongst other strong influences. Transitions between rural and city living implore me to research contemporary relationships between domestic and botanical spaces.

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Length/Depth: 37 in
Width: 2 in
Height: 25 in
Length/Depth: 38 in
Width: 2 in
Height: 26 in


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Autumn Rodges-Ducharme

Autumn Rodges-Ducharme is a multi-disciplinary artist working predominantly in drawing and printmaking. Her work values healthy habitats and illustrations of home. She attended BealArt (2017), NSCAD (2021) and studied environmental sustainability at Dalhousie in 2019. Her series entitled Water Marks (2020) eases downstream impacts of human consumption using inks made with materials from her homes in Huron County, Ontario. Autumn is the recipient of the Grand bend Aquafest Award (2014), London Embroider’s Guild Award (2017), and exhibits across Southwestern Ontario and Nova Scotia.


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The Threshold
The Threshold
Autumn Rodges-Ducharme

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