Hidden Majesty

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We Commonwealth dwellers are familiar with the cool reserve of the British Crown; the very model of reticent secrecy. However, purple and gold aside, that is not the "hidden majesty" to which I refer. Instead, I am thinking of the pivotal occasions in our life where we are called upon to act and - somehow - we respond with extraordinary grace or composure. It may come at a time of tragedy or strife, hopelessness or need, revenge or vulnerability. A moment of choice when we reach beyond the rote and act with compassion, dignity, purpose or understanding. That is when our actions are majestic. In my days, I have certainly experienced pivotal moments. Sometimes I acted with majesty, other times I did not. Though I bare the scars from some moments, I also feel the elevation from others. So, which is my true nature? Both, but I'm learning, and I am thrilled when I see the majesty in others. Maybe even you.

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Length/Depth: 10 in
Width: 8 in
Height: 13 in
Length/Depth: 12 in
Width: 10 in
Height: 15 in


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I'm on Instagram as @steveniseman. Look closer. There is an extra dimension to my work. Look closer. Can you see it? There is an extra dimension to my work. I design sculptural images in three dimensions and then build them in layers using material printers. There are few teachers or practitioners in this medium, and I am enthralled by the creative opportunities that flow from unconstrained innovation - the process is as much fun as the result. Art has been awakened in me through technology, and a humble interest has blossomed into a passion. I have journeyed here along many routes and through many disciplines - lawyer, student of science, fatherhood - and each experience shapes the perspective and dimensions that I bring to my art: from law, how to communicate complexity with simplicity; from science, that useful progress requires both method and inspiration; and from fatherhood, that when the time comes to stop fussing and step back, the most interesting part is what happens next. This is the spirit that I bring to my designs. I live, laugh and work in Toronto, Canada. Artist’s Biography: Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, the artist is helping to pioneer Sculptural Images, a computer-aided art medium that is part photograph, part sculpture. By crafting photo-interpretive images into sculptural form, light and shadow become available colours on the painter’s palette. The artist has self-innovated his design and production techniques. Though the process is complex - photo augmentation, digital modelling, designing and production of up to 1,000 layers - the results can be utterly unique. GOT A QUESTION /COMMENT /SUGGESTION? I would love to hear from you. Please message me through this service, or at steveniseman@gmail.com. I am happy to arrange a viewing of any pieces that you are interested in, either online or, if feasible, live. The three dimensional nature of my pieces is best viewed live. I'm on Instagram as @steveniseman. Enjoy.


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Hidden Majesty
Hidden Majesty
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