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Hen, Blue Lace (Henrietta) (8.5" Tall) Hen, Blue Lace (Henrietta) (8.5" Tall)

Hen, Blue Lace (Henrietta) (8.5" Tall)

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Henrietta Blue Lace Hen Henrietta the plush Blue Lace Hen is the most glamorous chicken in the coop! Sumptuously detailed with bright blues and oranges, her colorful design is the envy of all the other birds on the farm. Specially selected materials with feathery textures and irresistible softness come together to craft a plucky chicken stuffed animal that’s lifelike and cuddly. Her face is detailed with a realistic red comb and wattle while bright black eyes and a yellow beak complete her look. Attractive on display or perfect for make believe barnyard play, Henrietta is a plush chicken that will appeal to fans of these charismatic barnyard critters, no matter their age! Supplemental Information: A group of Chickens is called a Brood or a Peep. Additional information Age: 24 Months & Up Size: 8.5" Tall

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Hen, Blue Lace (Henrietta) (8.5" Tall)
Hen, Blue Lace (Henrietta) (8.5" Tall)
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