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Monster Banks/Incense Burners Monster Banks/Incense Burners

Monster Banks/Incense Burners

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H 5" x L 4.25" x D 4.25" Oh my goodness!! I had so much FUN creating these monster banks. They are hand sculpted from high fired stoneware. Little dudes are multi taskers, They can be a bank or incense burner. If you do burn incense in them leave the cork out. The incense needs oxygen to burn. They're demanding monsters and wants all the coins you can feed them. They'll make a wonderful whimsical gift for the child or nerd in your life. I'll ship them with 6 incense cones incase you want to use him as an incense burner. Use this link to add more

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Length/Depth: 4.25 in
Width: 4.25 in
Height: 5 in
Length/Depth: 12 in
Width: 10 in
Height: 10 in


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If I'm out of an item you ordered I'll contact you to let you know the processing time. I'm a self taught clay artist, I began my love affair with clay in high school. My remarkable art teacher Miss Rebecca Barnett taught us all the mediums she could drag into the art room. Clay is the one that stuck. At first I exhibited at small local shows, as my confidence grew I applied to larger festivals, haven't looked back since. I've been working in clay for over 30 years, participating in art shows from Illinois to Key West. Over the years my art has changed and evolved. When I see some of my earlier work I'm just a tad bit embarrassed. I've won several awards, been on TV, written up in newspapers also online blogs. My work is in homes from Alaska to Florida, hopefully making people smile. I'm constantly learning new things about clay and firing. Not to mention all the wonderful textures that I achieve with common household items. My love affair with clay is on going and hopefully will be for many years to come and hopefully will be for many years to come

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Monster Banks/Incense Burners
Monster Banks/Incense Burners
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