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Harriet Wheeler Harriet Wheeler

Harriet Wheeler

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This is a painting of San's my favorite singer, Harriet Wheeler, from the band The Sundays.

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Art of San Le

A small selection of San Le's artwork... Fantasy house series, digitally painted from 2012 - 2020. Harriet Wheeler portraits. Exploration in mathematical tiling. "I am San Le, writer of SLFFEA, which deals with Finite Element Analysis in solid mechanics and SLFCFD, which is for Computational Fluid Dynamics. When I'm not working at my job as an engineer, I make art." * Visit the Website for more fantasy and mathematical artwork. (Email on website is inactive.) * San is no longer with us. We lost him in the Fall of 2020. He was an avid attendee of San Diego Comic-Con since 1986, when he first submitted to the Art Show. He exhibited his artwork every year in person, until 2020. It is our hope to continue to share his work, virtually and in person. If you've seen San's work in person, please kindly leave a note. Thank you.


Harriet Wheeler
Harriet Wheeler
Art of San Le
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