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Ulna Younger Illustration Ulna Younger Illustration
Gothic Horror Genres Hard Enamel Pin 1.5" Gothic Horror Genres Hard Enamel Pin 1.5"

Gothic Horror Genres Hard Enamel Pin 1.5"

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• The Gothic Horror Genre hard enamel pin was created as a part of the Horror Genres Pin Collection Kickstarter. The design features the silhouette of a tree juxtaposed against a starry night sky/moon. • 1.5" black nickel plated hard enamel pin • Two black rubber clasps on back • Comes with illustrated backing card How I grade my enamel pins (referenced from ) : ~A Grade/Standard Grade~ Pins are handmade items and very few pins are perfect, but these come close. These are pins that have some very minor faults to them. Some of these minor faults include... • tiny, not noticeable air bubbles • very minor enamel under fill • some light imperfections in the metal plating • light surface scuffing or light scratch on the enamel or metal • light or very small nicks on the enamel or metal • some plating imperfections on sides of pin ~B Grade/Seconds Grade~ These pins have noticeable flaws, some more minor or major than others. Some of the flaws that would qualify a pin as a B grade include... • noticeable or multiple areas of under filled enamel • moderately scuffed enamel or metal • multiple points of imperfections on the metal plating • multiple air bubbles in the enamel • missing metal lines • missing enamel • unfilled areas of enamel • enamel staining on sides or back of pin • overfilled enamel that floods some metal lines • noticeable amounts of dust on soft enamel • small gouges or marks on enamel

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Length/Depth: 0.5 in
Width: 3 in
Height: 4 in
Length/Depth: 0.5 in
Width: 5.5 in
Height: 7.25 in


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Gothic Horror Genres Hard Enamel Pin 1.5"
Gothic Horror Genres Hard Enamel Pin 1.5"
Ulna Younger Illustration

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