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Matte Orange Heart with Glass Chimney Matte Orange Heart with Glass Chimney

Matte Orange Heart with Glass Chimney

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A heart-like shape with a flame; what’s not to LOVE !? And for the faint of heart, this one has a glass chimney that fits over the flame. The body of the vessel is a matte, textured Orange color, with the horizontal armature in a satin black. If you give this as a gift, be prepared with some lamp oil. I recommend "ULTRAPURE/ smokeless and odorless liquid paraffin." I buy mine through Amazon, but you can always find it at Hobby Lobby or Michael's Crafts. Trouble-free and easy to use, this lamp has a fiberglass wick that will never need trimming or replacing, and comes with a plastic squirt bottle that makes filling the lamp very easy- just twist off the chimney, lift the stopper and squirt oil into the top. Comes with an info card explaining hanging, adjusting the wick, and info on the smokeless/odorless oil I recommend for indoor use. It works well hanging from a wall-mounted iron bracket, found in any garden center, or it can hang from a hook mounted in a ceiling or window frame. It looks good in tall, narrow spaces, and I've seen them placed in corners, between windows, and "framed" in front of small mirrors. The wood armature is 8 1/2” wide, with heart measuring 5” wide, 1 3/4” deep and 8 1/2" tall from bottom to the top of the glass chimney. Poly/rayon cord is black. The lengths of cords vary, but generally the height of the cord from the wall bracket to the oil lamp is between 18” and 24”. The piece you receive may not be exactly the same as the one pictured, but it will be very similar. Can also be used outdoors, but be mindful to place it where wind will not blow the ceramic vessel into a hard surface. I hope you enjoy this piece; It's designed to be easy and a delight to use!! Thanks for having a look! -Phil

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Length/Depth: 8.5 in
Width: 1.75 in
Height: 8.5 in
Length/Depth: 9 in
Width: 9 in
Height: 5 in


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Matte Orange Heart with Glass Chimney
Matte Orange Heart with Glass Chimney
Phil Woodward Art

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