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"Reptilian Fish" by William N "Reptilian Fish" by William N

"Reptilian Fish" by William N

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Pencil & Colored Pencil 9"x12" When someone looks at my art piece they will see an alligator gar chasing a smaller fish called the blue gill. A question that guided me in the creation of this art piece was “How can I show emotion without putting it in obvious expression?” Despite using this medium many times I did learn that when using colored pencils that underwater lighting can be best shown by vertical lines. This piece had one of the longest sketching phases because when I was first coming up with the idea I couldn’t decide what pose I wanted the gar to be in. After creating this work I want to create something that is not real, maybe make my own characters. For more information about this drawing or the Visual Art Program at Martin County High School, please contact Amanda Jones:

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"Reptilian Fish" by William N
"Reptilian Fish" by William N
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