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"Third Eye" by Caragh F "Third Eye" by Caragh F

"Third Eye" by Caragh F

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Acrylic Paint 12"x18" I wanted to create a gothic styled painting based off a makeup look I did that used the idea of a third eye. I created this girl with a victorian dress and a third eye with the eye being a clock above an inverted cross. The eye being a clock is supposed to represent the idea that you are running out of time, the inverted cross adding to that. I used a monochromatic color scheme, sticking to shades and tints of black and white. The color scheme added to the gothic feel, making it look like a really old photo. For more information about this painting or the Visual Art Program at Martin County High School, please contact Amanda Jones:

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"Third Eye" by Caragh F
"Third Eye" by Caragh F
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