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"Insomnia" by Martina M "Insomnia" by Martina M

"Insomnia" by Martina M

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Gouache, Watercolor, & Pen 8"x11" This was my second piece experimenting with gouache and pen to create this piece. To create this piece I used layers and layers of gouache to create the vibrancy in this piece. I used lots of color to create an abstraction of my reference, to make it pop. As much as I love realistic art with this piece I was able to use my creativity and create something more fun to look at, rather than a copy of what we see every day. This piece was vibrant and allowed me to experiment with my creativity. For more information about this piece or the Visual Art Program at Martin County High School, please contact Amanda Jones:

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"Insomnia" by Martina M
"Insomnia" by Martina M
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