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"Grand Guignol" by Amanda F "Grand Guignol" by Amanda F

"Grand Guignol" by Amanda F

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Colored Pencil 18"x24" This piece is of the Grand Guignol from the netflix movie “A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting”. He is one of my favorite villains because of the sheer cartoonish qualities he has. I loved the movie poster and decided to recreate it, although in my version it is pretty much monochrome; with some other colors used minutely in the background to make him pop. This piece was done entirely with colored pencil, and the occasional white gel pen for extreme highlights. That being said, in total the piece took roughly twelve hours to complete. For more information about this drawing or the Visual Art Program at Martin County High School, please contact Amanda Jones:

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"Grand Guignol" by Amanda F
"Grand Guignol" by Amanda F
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