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“Mushroom Cliffs” by Shirley Z “Mushroom Cliffs” by Shirley Z

“Mushroom Cliffs” by Shirley Z

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Digital Art 12"x13" The universe is filled with many unknown places. Humans have only explored a fragment of our known universe. You’d never know if there’s a land that may contain curious fungi that grow to enormous sizes or animals resembling tall evergreen. The rocks shine and sparkle as the sun shares its brimming light with the world as an unknown figure approaches the cliffside. This was my first serious attempt at creating a landscape using digital art , and I’m excited to see what the future holds. For more information about this piece or the Visual Art Program at Martin County High School, please contact Amanda Jones:

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“Mushroom Cliffs” by Shirley Z
“Mushroom Cliffs” by Shirley Z
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