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Three Pelicans Three Pelicans

Three Pelicans

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This is a wildlife piece exploring a play of textures and colors of three floating pelicans in a harbour. We use archival level framing methods to professionally frame all pieces. This painting has a lacquered white wood "floater" type frame with simple profile. An under painting, similar to a photographic negative, is first laid down in complimentary colors and values to the finished piece in gestural brush strokes. This is where my brain has to think in reverse to the final outcome. Great care is taken to thicken acrylic paint so it leaves a 3 dimensional mark when dry. It's applied carefully with palette knife with just the right value and hue as to express light and form, while maintaining the gestural fresh sketch-like look my work is known for. Every mark must be exact but look spontaneous. The final result is a vibrating image that comes together as a whole, but dissolves into a beautiful chaos of colors, marks and shapes when viewed up close. Bicycle, Bright colors, Colorful Art, Large Wall Art, Original Oil Painting, Landscape, Framed Artwork, Bold Colors, Figurative, Palette Knife, Texture, Beach Scene, Canvas

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Length/Depth: 3 in
Width: 26 in
Height: 50 in
Length/Depth: 5 in
Width: 29 in
Height: 53 in


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Three Pelicans
Three Pelicans
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