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"A Louisiana Legacy" "A Louisiana Legacy"

"A Louisiana Legacy"

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Giclee Reproduction on archival paper from an original watercolor * Various sizes are available on the website: * The original watercolor has already sold. Commissions are available upon request.

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Length/Depth: 0.5 in
Width: 21 in
Height: 14 in
Length/Depth: 1 in
Width: 30 in
Height: 24 in


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As a native of Louisiana, I absolutely love the outdoors! I have been painting nearly all of my life, selling my first painting at age six. Watercolor, being less “forgiving,” presents that special challenge that keeps me always wanting to learn and create more. The transparency, the airy quality that a watercolor possesses, and the freshness obtained by touching the paper once, is what I strive to maintain. Because watercolors tend to dry lighter, my style of painting has a stronger punch in value and color intensity; I believe that if it looks right wet, it's wrong! Also, I believe that you should plan like a turtle and paint like a rabbit allowing some room for spontaneity. My focus is on strong design, the juxtaposition of colors, and the interaction between light and shadow. As shapes work themselves into patterns of value and light, the painting becomes more a poetic statement than a literal representation. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment to see the blank paper come to life with a "painterly" style that I believe makes my work so unique. With numerous awards and signature memberships in the National Watercolor Society, the Transparent Watercolor Society of America, and the Louisiana Watercolor Society, Keith's reputation has brought his works to many public and private collections throughout the US and Europe. Keith is listed in Who's Who in American Art and American Artists of Renown, and has been featured in American Artist and The Artist's Magazine.

Andry Fine Arts

My favorite medium is transparent watercolor. While my paintings cover many subjects, the approach and technique are consistent. I keep it transparent by applying a liquid mask, then use wet-into-wet, and finally flat wash techniques. Originals and giclee reproductions are available on archival paper and canvas.


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"A Louisiana Legacy"
"A Louisiana Legacy"
Andry Fine Arts

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