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Reflection at University of Tampa Reflection at University of Tampa

Reflection at University of Tampa

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Early morning photo shoot at UT. All photos are 4x6 prints in Sepia. Brown mat and ornate brown frame.

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Length/Depth: 46 in
Width: 36 in
Height: 2 in
Length/Depth: 60 in
Width: 48 in
Height: 6 in


Self or in-person delivery
Option to pick up the product in person instead of shipping
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I can ship in Florida only. I would prefer to drop off or have someone pick up the piece.

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If you are not happy with the photo collage for any reason, I'll refund your entire purchase except for the shipping charges.
Exceptions may apply. Please message Greg for more information.

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Greg Presson Photography

Art has always been part of my soul, as it has given me an eye for detail and an appreciation for nature. I pursued my passion in college receiving a Fine Arts Degree from the University of South Florida. At the age of fifty, I realized I needed to go beyond the hum-drum of everyday life and find my way back into the art where I could again awaken my soul. I found myself empowered when photographing natural and landscapes. My challenge is to freeze time and capture the awe of nature through a multi-dimensional scene. Stopping time momentarily through my camera lens by capturing hundreds of angles and putting them together into one amazing 3D image for the viewer to enjoy, as if they themselves were there with me in that same location. My hope is to bring the viewer into the present time through the recreation of hundreds of pictures into one wholistic image representing my memory during that moment in time. My art tells the story of my life where I shifted from hum-drum to viewing the world eyes wide open. Each piece embodies a moment in time capturing the perspective of an incredible place I visited. My wish is that my art awakens the soul of the viewer and entices them to go out and see the amazing landscapes in our world.


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Reflection at University of Tampa
Reflection at University of Tampa
Greg Presson Photography
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I'll be available most afternoons up till around 8pm. Please email me first so we can schedule time for the call and let me know what piece you are interested in. Thanks