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Don't Look Back (For Jury Review) Don't Look Back (For Jury Review)

Don't Look Back (For Jury Review)

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Don't Look Back The semi nude back of the woman draws us into the the amorphous sea; a whirlwind of color and motion. The eye follows her into the depths of the color, never losing her form. There is a marriage between the fabric layers of the water and the skin of the woman and it’s easy to get lost in the wonder of the moment. Arrives ready to hang mounted in a black, hardwood float frame.

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Length/Depth: 2 in
Width: 19 in
Height: 25 in


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Sharon Tesser LLC

My textile mosaics tell stories. As a master storyteller, my goal is to draw you into the experience of life’s small moments. Fabric, pattern, texture, and dye are my vocabulary. All my images are generated as original drawings from a well-loved sketchbook. Recycled and vintage fabrics are my palette. Every image I create is a glimpse into the small moments of our collective humanity. See all available art, wearables and accessories at


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Don't Look Back (For Jury Review)
Don't Look Back (For Jury Review)
Sharon Tesser LLC

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