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Steampunk Mariner's Lamp Steampunk Mariner's Lamp

Steampunk Mariner's Lamp

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One of a kind Steampunk creation. This lamp is fabricated from soldered copper pipe. The cord runs through a vintage pulley to a vintage-style filament bulb within a maritime-style cage. The ON/OFF switch is made from a hose valve. Turn the valve to the right and the lamp turns on and off. The power cord is a vintage-style braided lamp cord.

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Length/Depth: 15 in
Width: 10 in
Height: 6 in
Length/Depth: 17 in
Width: 12 in
Height: 8 in


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Caleb Barnaby Designs

Caleb Barnaby is a self-taught metalsmith, with a focus in extremely detailed wearable art. He's been traveling throughout the US for the past three years in a travel trailer, which houses his custom-built mobile studio, selling his creations at fine art festivals. Many of his designs are award-winning: intricate flower mandalas made from sterling silver and recycled brass bullet casings with secret messages, crescent moons and mountain ranges hand-cut from the metal. His designs are all inspired by the natural elements around us: blooming wildflowers on the side of the road, the awe-inspiring landscapes he sees along his travels. "Using recycled metals, I apply an intricate etching process to give them an ornate look. All of my etched designs are original and inspired by natural elements (trees, flowers and sacred geometry). After the etching process, I hand-cut the metals to transform them into their final composition. I also use non-traditional stonesetting techniques, where I create my own bezels by forging the metal to set the stone."


Steampunk Mariner's Lamp
Steampunk Mariner's Lamp
Caleb Barnaby Designs
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