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Cheryl Mackey Smith Cheryl Mackey Smith
Ribbons: Tiny Falls Ribbons: Tiny Falls

Ribbons: Tiny Falls

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Framed wall piece. Each small piece of ceramics is either rolled out or handformed, and created one-by-one! The pieces are kiln fired, cooled then re-fired in a pit with leaves, sticks, twigs and other clippings from the yard! The second firing creates the depth of color with the browns and sepias from the fire. The pieces are then affixed to an archival backing in organic abstracts all focused on nature-based inspirations!

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Length/Depth: 13.5 in
Width: 13.5 in
Height: 3 in
Length/Depth: 21 in
Width: 21 in
Height: 8 in


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Cheryl's fine art career has spanned many years. She began doing abstracted watercolors of mountains and marshes, cut them into small pieces and affixed them to backing. As she gained a loved of ceramics, she began using a variety of clays to hand-form small pieces and assembled them to create her framed fine art. "This body of hand-formed ceramics speaks directly to my love of the natural world. Each small piece of clay is handcrafted to interpret my vision of the random occurrences in nature. The finished compositions are conglomerations of my thoughts!” Her current body of work has been hand-formed, bisque-fired in her kiln and after it has cooled, the individual pieces are burned in an outdoor pit. The clippings are from around her North Carolina property including twigs and grasses as well as dried leaves. The small pieces are then hand-washed and scrubbed gently with a toothbrush to remove the soot! “The smokey pieces remind me of the variations in colors of the natural world. As the clay has originally come from the ground, I return it to the ground to allow the natural fire to enhance the finished pieces.”

Cheryl Mackey Smith

I am a small business owner selling my own handmade art. I design and create the fine hand formed ceramic wall pieces. I have been creating abstract fine art for many decades and selling it through galleries, museums and fine art festivals across the United States. I work out of my beautiful art studio in the mountains of Western North Carolina.


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Ribbons: Tiny Falls
Ribbons: Tiny Falls
Cheryl Mackey Smith

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I will be available to video chat during studio office hours of 1PM - 4PM on March 6th and 7th, for Gasparilla and 1PM - 4PM on March 14 - 16th for Winter Park. I can be reached by email at any point from 9AM - 5PM the rest of the time the virtual show is running, and can schedule a video chat if desired.