Queen Triggerfish, Shards and Bling Series #2 - Eventeny
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Queen Triggerfish, Shards and Bling Series #2 Queen Triggerfish, Shards and Bling Series #2

Queen Triggerfish, Shards and Bling Series #2

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Queen Triggerfish, Shards and Bling Series #2 by Pete Steenland, Tropic Seas Art Archival Digital Print (Ltd. Ed. Giclee Reproduction) Signed and Numbered, Limited Edition of 240 Watercolor paper pressed on Hardboard, Gel coat, Framed 51"w x 35"ht

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Length/Depth: 1.25 in
Width: 51 in
Height: 35 in
Length/Depth: 7 in
Width: 55 in
Height: 39 in


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Some orders require roughly 3 to 4 weeks for delivery, as we are loyal supporters of Tom Leedy and Valerie Thompson of Port Orange Artworks, whom we have carefully selected due to their high standards in production of archival digital prints. We personally deliver large paintings and giclees in most circumstances. Please message Pete to discuss pickup or delivery options. His artwork can be found around the United States, and some buyers have carried his artwork home overseas. Add additional cost for Personal Delivery by Pete and Donna: $400 within the state of Florida $250 within a 150 mile radius of Daytona Beach, FL $100 within a 100 mile radius of Daytona Beach, FL Free delivery may be available for those areas that we frequently travel. Pickup or delivery is available for a date and place mutually agreed upon in advance.

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Artist of Marine Life and Tropic Theme Paintings in Mixed Media

Tropic Seas Art

Mixed Media Artist, Tropic themes and Marinelife “It’s wonderful how many people truly love and share in the great beauty of nature and carry this inspiration with them!” --Thank you all! Pete is Tropic Seas Art He loves the underwater world, and shares with his wife, Donna Janell a deep appreciation of the intricacy within all living things. Tropic Seas Art is not limited to Marinelife paintings. A Tropic theme prevails through all, with underlying qualities of precision and grace. There are many more paintings yet to come-- that have long been in mind, often for decades! … waiting for the opportunity to be revealed! Inspired by intense beauty even in the smallest plants including garden “weeds” and marine diatoms, on into the greatest of subjects, from early childhood Pete has done countless drawings, paintings and photos of things in nature. He holds an AA degree in Art and Biology, and a BA in Studio Art with emphasis in Marine Sciences and special focus in Scientific Illustration of marine and aquatic organisms. [Daytona Beach Community College, and Univ of West Florida.] He never lived more than 20 minutes from the ocean or gulf, often sailing, SCUBA diving, surfing, hiking and camping-- very much loving the outdoors. A licensed Merchant Marine Captain and Master of Vessels up to 3,000 gross tons Freight and Towing Upon Oceans 5th issue, in addition to a previous license as captain of 100 ton passenger vessels. Following this 32 year career at sea, Pete has left that behind for a vocation by destiny as an Artist. Great appreciation and Love to all you wonderful people who come and share your inspiration! Respect to all fellow artists who understand-- we share in our many ways of reflecting these wonderful aspects of God’s unlimited Grace. Thanks to all who realize-- we are not rivals in competition, but share in a unified fellowship of Art! Limited editions of Archival Digital Prints are typically available for most paintings until those respective quotas are filled, including full size for most of Pete’s paintings.


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Queen Triggerfish, Shards and Bling Series #2
Queen Triggerfish, Shards and Bling Series #2
Tropic Seas Art
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