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Copper wire accented tumbled glass earrings Copper wire accented tumbled glass earrings

Copper wire accented tumbled glass earrings

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Copper wire accents tumbled glass. the glass is stained glass I tumbled to remove the sharp edges and give it a frosted appearance. Choose color when ordering Length vary from 1 - 1 1/2" blow the ear wire. This ship free through domestic 1st class mail. Ship only within the US

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Length/Depth: 1 in
Width: 1 in
Height: 0 in
Length/Depth: 9 in
Width: 6 in
Height: 2 in


Delivery restrictions may apply:
Ship only within the US

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If you want to return an item after receiving it please contact me with the reason at Adjustments or repairs Items that may need an adjustment (such a chain length, clasp type). I will make the adjustment if possible for that item. Depending upon the requested adjustment a materials fee may be added before return of item. You will have that information before sending item back for adjustment. If there damage to an item due to quality issue that occurs during the 1st year you can return the item for repair. There will be no cost for the repair. Repairs due to damage Damage that occurs with unusual stress or use of the item that can be repaired will be done at an appropriate cost to the customer. An assessment of the damage and if item can be repaired will have to be made before determining cost. Ship items needing adjustment or repair in original or equivalent box for protection during shipping. Customer will pay to ship items to me. I will pay for the return shipping through standard domestic 1st class mail of the item once it is adjusted or repaired. Returns for refund If item is not what you expected and you want return it for a full refund you must contact me within 1 week of arrival. Only items that are in original condition can be returned for a refund. Custom orders cannot be returned. Items granted for a full refund must be returned in original box and must arrive in original condition before a refund will be issued. Items that are not returned in original condition will not have a refund issued. Customer will pay for shipping cost of returned item.
Exceptions may apply. Please message Zanetta for more information.

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Copper wire accented tumbled glass earrings
Copper wire accented tumbled glass earrings
Tumbled Wire Designs

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