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Stephanie Clair Fine Art Stephanie Clair Fine Art
What the world needs now 24x24 framed original What the world needs now 24x24 framed original

What the world needs now 24x24 framed original

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Framed original Oil on canvas This women could be any authenticity. Mexican, white, African, Indian, Asian.. or perhaps a beautiful mix. She represents the courageous individuals who constantly face diversity.. she beholds a quiet inner peace, courageous strength and perseverance. Her dove is a reminder for us to hold tightly to peace.. it is something we should strive for daily. The distant doves fly freely over the city as symbol of equality for each and everyone of us. The third eye is hidden but she reminds us to find that deep inner peace it starts with being more present and aware.. make decisions out of love instead of fear. The beautiful hands of diversity reach up, and touch the sky.. illuminating their greatness and shouting out their message of peace. This beautiful women is my symbol of peace diversity, and what being a human really is all about ❤️ I hope she becomes yours too

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Art is the stored honey of the human soul and Clair says if Love is the most powerful feeling in the world then she hopes her paintings will bring her collectors a little more love, a little more meaning, and more happiness in their lives. Clair's amazing ability to bring this soulful human quality to fruition through her art stems from her dreams and her own life experiences, and how she views the world. Clair believes you need to surround yourself with things that reflect who you are, how you want to be and how you see the world. Art is a way to surround yourself in a more positive, colorful, mindful kind of light. www.Stephanieclair.com


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What the world needs now 24x24 framed original
What the world needs now 24x24 framed original
Stephanie Clair Fine Art

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