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Fire Tree Sculpture Fire Tree Sculpture

Fire Tree Sculpture

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Cold Cast Bronze Resin Wood / Metal /Led lights.

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Length/Depth: 4 in
Width: 7 in
Height: 15 in
Length/Depth: 6 in
Width: 9 in
Height: 18 in


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Daniel's life as an artist dates back to his adolescence. It was in the late sixties when he began his career in the world of art. He worked as a painter produced oil on black velvet paintings. At the same time he was singing in a band, then after the breakup of the band, he became more focused on his visual art and started to work with airbrush on car murals. as well as work with some prominent muralists on projects in Los Angeles and other cities. After completing a degree in Commercial Art he worked for the art department of the Herald Examiner Newspaper. This job was followed by freelance artwork and a series of art exhibits. His illustrations have been used for movie posters, book covers, and for the music industry.  Daniel has always been influenced by the Surrealist Painters, surrealism being a very important element of his work. There are also Pre-Columbian themes involving interpretation of indigenous rituals, spirituality, and the relation of ancient wisdom to man and the world then and now.  His work has included silkscreen prints, etching, linoleum cut, and paintings on a variety of materials like, canvas, paper, wood, metal, ceramic tiles, and synthetic panels using airbrush techniques. He has worked in Arts in Corrections where he was teaching all mediums. Currently Daniel is working on mosaic, ceramic tile murals and Sculptures.

Daniel Marquez

I work with different styles in a combination that represents my point of view.  I paint my vision of the environment using the experience of the past to create a conversation with my reality. Images in my artwork are from my feelings of confusion, struggle, and faith. Elements of repetition to express the continuing occurrence of similar events.  Memories of the past...Visions of the future.


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Fire Tree Sculpture
Fire Tree Sculpture
Daniel Marquez
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