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Wooloo plushies | sheep pokemon Wooloo plushies | sheep pokemon

Wooloo plushies | sheep pokemon

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This is a listing to request a wooloo plush! They start at $25.00 for the babies and pricing increases for larger ones. Sizes and dimensions listed by eventeny are the larger wooloos. smaller sizes shown below. I'm in the process of making and finishing them all the time, so some may ship sooner than others. These are handmade, and take several hours for each one and are made in batches! The "shiny" black fabric is harder to work with therefore shiny wooloos will be worth more than regular wooloos. When you purchase this listing I get to work on making the plush and it ships out as soon as I'm done. Processing time is according to my current convention schedule and/or order volume. πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽ„πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽ CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY SHIPPING; IF YOU NEED IT FOR A CERTAIN DATE, HOLIDAY, ETC PLEASE NOTE THAT ON YOUR ORDER. if I do not know that you need it by a certain date I will make it in the order it was received. If you want something for the holidays in December then you need to order it before December 5th to guarantee it will arrive in time. On top of the usual delays of mail during the holidays, we also are in a pandemic and USPS is suffering under the current administration. They have been taking a little bit longer to ship items. Please keep that in mind when you order! They come with 4 options for expressions, in both colors! Smiling/closed mouth Open mouth Sleepy(eyes closed, open mouth) Angry face These cuties are roughly ; 5-7 inches tall for the large wooloo, approximately. The fur is really is harder to measure. OR 3 to 5 inches tall for the "baby" wooloos that fit in the palm of your hand! Size is approximate but not exact. They're made with super soft minky and faux fur, and stuffed with polyfil in the body with some fabric scraps in the face and bottom/legs to give the body shape and enough weight to stay in place. These are great to hug or give to your friends to hug! Plus wooloos teach us to roll away from our problems- best philosophy ever!

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Length/Depth: 8 in
Width: 8 in
Height: 8 in
Length/Depth: 8 in
Width: 10.5 in
Height: 15 in


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Wooloo plushies | sheep pokemon
Wooloo plushies | sheep pokemon
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