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Commissions and Layaway Available Commissions and Layaway Available

Commissions and Layaway Available

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HOLIDAY NOTE: Custom orders will NOT arrive in time for December holidays. If you're interested in having a custom stained glass panel made to order, please contact me! I also have ORIGINAL CELEBRITY AUTOGRAPHS available to be worked into custom panels as well. Autographs currently available include: Doctor Who: David Tennant John Barrowman Martha Agyeman Catherine Tate Peter Davison Terry Malloy Sylverster McCoy Firefly: Jewel Staite Mark Sheppard Star Trek: Brent Spiner LeVar Burton John de Lancie Prices depend on size and complexity of design, and which (if any) autographs you would like to include. Lay-away is also available, and I can arrange for any monthly amount that works best for you. Please contact me for more information.

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Commissions and Layaway Available
Commissions and Layaway Available
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