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Swanky Abstracted Shapes  6x32 Swanky Abstracted Shapes 6x32

Swanky Abstracted Shapes 6x32

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Abstract shape accumulations floating over a painted background. This piece can be hung vertically, as shown, or horizontally. n nArt is shown in London Gray.  Other background colors are available.  Don't see the color you love?  Drop us a line to see if we can make you a custom piece! n nEach of these pieces is unique. While the overall effect is similar, the arrangement of shapes and patterns will vary from one to the next.

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Length/Depth: 32 in
Width: 5.75 in
Height: 2.75 in
Length/Depth: 33 in
Width: 6 in
Height: 3 in


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There’s a dynamic, sculptural element to my work; each piece of artwork is made up of many various shapes and patterns. First I make original drawings, then digitize them to be intricately cut by a hydro-abrasive cutter using water and garnet. I roller-form the metal for more depth and volume, and then give it a satin re ective sheen with a hand-held grinder. Then, I assemble the pieces using a tig welder into spontaneous, free-form “shape accumulations”. The pieces are integrated with mixed media elements such as patinated copper, leather, and painted metal. Throughout my experience as an artist, I’ve been inspired by natural and organic in uences. My work draws from the balance of opposing forces coming together to form a harmonious whole. My aesthetic has been informed by modern and classic architecture, aerial maps, mid-century modern textiles, and biomedical illustrations.

Art & Element

I make dynamic metal and mixed media wall art. I draw original patterns and then digitize them so I can use a hydro-abrasive cutter to intricately cut each image into metal. Various elements are layered and spaced apart. I use elements such as copper, leather, and other media in the background surfaces to achieve the desired effect.


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Swanky Abstracted Shapes  6x32
Swanky Abstracted Shapes 6x32
Art & Element

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