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What The World Needs Now What The World Needs Now

What The World Needs Now

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What the World Needs Now Dedicated to Police, Firefighters, Veterans, First Responders in honor of 911 and people who live and die to protect our dreams. Read full story in long description below Right after 9/11, I started working on a series of heart art flag sketches, to help me express the pain, the sorrow. Deeply inspired by the capacity that each of us has too love, be kind, give compassion to not only our country but people of the world this painting is a full expression of what I believe and what I hope for on this planet. I drew 12 drawings that week and What the World Needs Now is the last one I drew. With all my patriotic paintings, I incorporate a 9 or 11 or both to honor all the people of New York. Notice the 11 red stripes and 11 stars, and in the 11 stars are 9 Swarovski crystals, thus the 9 and 11. Remembering & honoring the lives of the individuals and families in New York & how in brotherly love we supported one another. This finished mixed media piece has traveled with me from city to city across the nation since Memorial Day 2016. With each heart, over 264 of them, I had invited people to select one of my handmade paper hearts that I created and collected for over 23 years. With each heart selected, I ask them to do three things while gluing it on my canvas: #1 Acknowledge something they are grateful. #2 Re-dedicate their self to a dream they want to create in the future and #3 Think of one thing they can do to create a better World. Many of the hearts touch as though arm and arm. This is my way of 'Spreading the Love' and inspiring the concept of dreams, brotherly love, kindness, gratefulness and to never give in or give up. Together we can make the difference! With all my heart and Love, Debbie Arambula The Heart Artist

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Length/Depth: 30 in
Width: 1.5 in
Height: 40 in
Length/Depth: 34 in
Width: 3 in
Height: 44 in


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Debbie Arambula “The Heart Artist” California Artist Collected Internationally Hearts became a fascination at the early age of 5, when Debbie discovered her passion for creating & inspiring more love & happiness in the World. To have one in your home is to invite positive energy, while at the same time, spreading love to all that see it. Experiencing these colorful explosions of energy uplifts, one’s tone almost immediately! Each painting is an emotional expression of Debbie's passion to spread more love and light into the world. She believes the heart represents the best in all of us and when the heart is at the center of everything, we do in life we then celebrate our true potential! Internationally collected & award-winning California Contemporary Master Painter, Debbie Arambula, has been interviewed extensively by the press and in media nationwide, to an estimated 30 million people. She has been seen on NBC and ABC affiliates in major West Coast cities such as KRON TV San Francisco, Entertainment Magazine, Good Day Sacramento, Good Morning Scottsdale, Fox 5 Las Vegas, ABC News, NBC News and Newstalk 550 Arizona Radio. Debbie has also been featured in ‘Romantic Homes Magazine’, ‘Homes by the Sea’, ‘Décor Magazine’, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury News and dozens of others.

Debbie Arambula

I have been a professional artist for over 25 years. Hearts became a fascination at the early age of 5, when I discovered my passion for creating & inspiring more love & happiness in the World. The best way to describe my art is to experience it for yourself. My collectors say over and over again that my happy art enhances their love for life.


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What The World Needs Now
What The World Needs Now
Debbie Arambula
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