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Open Heart is dedicated to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. ~ Articles 28 (We Have the right to a free and fair world) and Article 29 (It is our right to ensure the rights of others) Written by Eleanor Roosevelt, adopted by the United Nations in 1945~ The heart is a universal symbol that can be understood by any age & all cultures of the world. For me, the heart is the essence of life, dreams, the magic of love, romance, élan vital, the soul & everything that is good inside each of us. The World bound by chains represents the enslavement of cultures out of communication. Butterflies in action, like the life spirit in each of us, pull off the chains, as a dragonfly & childlike butterfly fly in to help. No matter what culture or how old you are, we all can do something about it. In each of us is the magic to make it happen. It is our right to create a free & fair world, it is our responsibility. Through the efforts of real communication & positive energy and action, we can make it happen.” This piece was unveiled in New York at the first Artist for Human Rights Gallery Gala, founded by actress Anne Archer, in celebration of the release of the Youth for Human Rights PSA Video releasing the Declaration of Human Rights in Time Square with the United Nations.

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Length/Depth: 40 in
Width: 1.47 in
Height: 40 in
Length/Depth: 4 in
Width: 45 in
Height: 45 in


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Debbie Arambula “The Heart Artist” California Artist Collected Internationally Hearts became a fascination at the early age of 5, when Debbie discovered her passion for creating & inspiring more love & happiness in the World. To have one in your home is to invite positive energy, while at the same time, spreading love to all that see it. Experiencing these colorful explosions of energy uplifts, one’s tone almost immediately! Each painting is an emotional expression of Debbie's passion to spread more love and light into the world. She believes the heart represents the best in all of us and when the heart is at the center of everything, we do in life we then celebrate our true potential! Internationally collected & award-winning California Contemporary Master Painter, Debbie Arambula, has been interviewed extensively by the press and in media nationwide, to an estimated 30 million people. She has been seen on NBC and ABC affiliates in major West Coast cities such as KRON TV San Francisco, Entertainment Magazine, Good Day Sacramento, Good Morning Scottsdale, Fox 5 Las Vegas, ABC News, NBC News and Newstalk 550 Arizona Radio. Debbie has also been featured in ‘Romantic Homes Magazine’, ‘Homes by the Sea’, ‘Décor Magazine’, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury News and dozens of others.

Debbie Arambula

I have been a professional artist for over 25 years. Hearts became a fascination at the early age of 5, when I discovered my passion for creating & inspiring more love & happiness in the World. The best way to describe my art is to experience it for yourself. My collectors say over and over again that my happy art enhances their love for life.


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Open Hearted
Open Hearted
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