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The might eagle sores over the rolling stream, the mountains remind us of the purity of the wild. This scene will captivate you and bring you into the wilderness for a well deserved respite.

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Length/Depth: 4 in
Width: 36 in
Height: 60 in
Length/Depth: 40 in
Width: 31 in
Height: 9 in


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Using her home in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota and God’s perfect design as inspiration, Shawn Schilling has been creating steel art sculptures for over 35 years designing and creating scenes that are rich, expressive and full of livable warmth. Steel Reflections offers Shawn’s true one-of-a-kind scenes showing majestic mountain landscapes, wildlife, floral covered fields, rural life, and custom designed art for customers all over the nation. Shawn has brought her art from the trial and error phase developing the proprietary infusing process, to being known throughout the country as a leader in steel sculpted wall art. Steel Reflections’ designs are created to hang on walls of today’s homes and commercial offices using the wall acting like a painter’s canvas, Shawn’s creations are brought to life in a 3-dimensional masterpiece.

Steel Reflections

Shawn Schilling created the medium of infused metal sculpture. She designs all of her artistic pieces to hang on the walls of today’s homes and commercial entities. Scenes can be created to fit any interest or focus and to fit your space requirements. Her work is customized to each individual setting that enhances flair of feelings and emotion. The scenes use your wall much as a mural with the added advantage of dimension. To date Shawn has created dynamic scenes as wide as 15 feet. Shawn creates her realistic scenes with a symmetry rarely seen in a metal medium. She combines a painter’s style with hard metal to create an aura of mystery and awe that rivets your mind and draws you into its essence. The art is rich, expressive, and throws off livable warmth.


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Steel Reflections
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