Passion (Portrait) - 14" x 18" Framed, Matted Washi Mosaic - Eventeny
Exultation Arts Exultation Arts
Passion (Portrait) - 14" x 18" Framed, Matted Washi Mosaic Passion (Portrait) - 14" x 18" Framed, Matted Washi Mosaic

Passion (Portrait) - 14" x 18" Framed, Matted Washi Mosaic

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These Washi Mosaics are handmade with Japanese Washi Paper and art glitter. Each one is unique! The frame opening is 14"x18"; matting is white/ivory. These mosaics are great for wall hanging.

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Length/Depth: 15 in
Width: 19 in
Height: 1.5 in


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I am a self-taught professional artist, & my art is the result of many years' experimentation, my lifetime's dabbling in various mediums, a passionate love affair with Chiyogami (Japanese paper) & a wonderful friend who shared freely her artistic knowledge. I intended to major in art; sadly, I had a devastating experience with my high school advanced art teacher. When that class ended, I packed up my art supplies & didn't open them up again for 20 years. They waited for me while I made practical career decisions, telling myself that I wouldn't have made a good starving artist. I worked in various industries while art beckoned throughout my life - the more linear my pursuits (as in computer programming), the more the craving to make art. The practical pursuits simply didn't satisfy. In 2005, I attended a lunchtime "Job Search" series that was a step toward finding one's passion. This was a pivotal point, & I began experimenting with Chiyogami. This led to many hours in my studio, purchasing a booth setup, art festivals, open studios & an entirely new life! In 2009, I began selling my art at Bay Area art festivals. I formed my business Exultation Arts in 2010 & left my high-tech career in 2012 to move more deeply into my artistic pursuits. In 2015, I added Zentangle to the mix & became a Certified Zentangle Teacher. I look forward to blending it into my current medium. My approach to teaching Zentangle is as a fun, mindful practice, with awareness of both your internal & external experience. I love seeing how new tanglers' perceptions shift when they see that they can create a beautiful work of art with the Zentangle method. Artistic experience is not required! Prior to COVID-19, I taught Zentangle & my Chiyogami Mosaic process in person. I have since transitioned my Zentangle classes to an online platform where I offer a Free Zentangle Basics course, along with many other for-fee courses to help you establish & grow a Zentangle practice. Life is good!

Exultation Arts

I'm an artist, working with Japanese paper (washi). I create beautiful, one-of-a-kind washi paper mosaics, washi covered boxes and cards. I'm also a Certified Zentangle Teacher, living the dream in Santa Rosa, California. Life is good!!


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Passion (Portrait) - 14" x 18" Framed, Matted Washi Mosaic
Passion (Portrait) - 14" x 18" Framed, Matted Washi Mosaic
Exultation Arts
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