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Serene Conneeley, Author Serene Conneeley, Author
Into the Light: Mists Book 3 Into the Light: Mists Book 3

Into the Light: Mists Book 3

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* SIGNED + bookmark + postcard * A friendship torn apart. A love lost forever… A curse to break. A mystery to solve. A heart to heal. When her parents died in a tragic accident and her life in Australia fell apart, Carlie was sent across the ocean to live with a stranger. After a harrowing journey through the mists, she finally found peace with her grandmother, magic with her new friend, and first love with her druidic soul mate. But then she was plunged back into the darkness. Now, haunted by loss and betrayal, and worried that her shattered heart is beyond repair, she must decide whether she has it in her to find her way back into the light. In the final book of the gripping Into the Mists Trilogy, the wheel of the year turns from the bleakness of midwinter to the new hope of spring. Can Carlie break a decades-long curse and save the person she’s closest to? Will she unlock the mystery of the sad woman she meets late one night? Which of the shadowy Otherworldly beings can she trust? Who is the man with the raven tattoo? And how far is she willing to go to forgive and be forgiven? For a chance at happiness, she must challenge the wise priestess and embrace her darkest fears. But is she already fated to echo the lonely life of her grandmother, or can she find the courage to open her heart again?

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Serene Conneeley, Author

Serene writes faery tales, fantasy/magical realism novels, and magical non-fiction. A member of the Australian Fairy Tale Society, her original story The Swan Maiden was nominated for their 2020 Award, and she’s also the author of the Into the Mists Trilogy and the Into the Storm Trilogy, and six non-fiction titles. She loves reading books, drinking tea, working out, visiting the swans in her backyard park, and celebrating the shifting of the seasons, the cycles of the moon and the magic of the earth. *All books can be signed, and come with bookmark and postcard, and book bundles come with a Blessed Bee book bag as well...* Message with any queries...


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Into the Light: Mists Book 3
Into the Light: Mists Book 3
Serene Conneeley, Author
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