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Computer Screensavers 1 Computer Screensavers 1

Computer Screensavers 1

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These are my photographic images sized and scaled to be used as screensavers on your desktop computers, laptops and most tablets. The image length:height ratio is 16:9. The only restrictions, and this is a trust-based transaction, is that you use these yourself but do not give or sell to others. You are able to make small prints from these for yourself and those you can share as gifts to others. If you wish to see more of my screensavers, I also have a listing here for screensavers for cellphones. And for both, more on my website ( where you can direct download the images. So look and enjoy when your purchase for your devices!

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The Nature Gallery

I create limited edition fine art photographs from film capture (medium & large format film of landscapes) and digital capture (closeup or macrophotography using image stacking). I create my own work and produce my own work. Images come in various presentations and I can customize to any size. Let's talk!

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Computer Screensavers 1
Computer Screensavers 1
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