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Porch Whiskey | Soy Candle Porch Whiskey | Soy Candle

Porch Whiskey | Soy Candle

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Porch Whiskey - Triple Wick Fragrance Notes: Driftwood & Amber In 1920, Prohibition went into effect, but America partied on. Celebrating American History with our new Prohibition candle series. Our Porch Whiskey Candle has fragrance notes of driftwood & amber, botanically garnished with cinnamon. For 13 years, the American Prohibition era banned all production, sale, and use of alcohol. However, the federal government made an exception: the prescription of medicinal whiskey from a doctor. Prohibition became highly controversial among medical professionals, because alcohol was widely prescribed by the era's physicians for therapeutic purposes. Meanwhile, bootleggers much preferred to trade in spirits than in beer or wine because a bottle of bootleg gin or whiskey could fetch a far higher price than a bottle of beer or wine. Since alcohol was legal in neighboring countries, distilleries and breweries in Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean flourished as their products were either consumed by visiting Americans or smuggled into the United States illegally. Bootlegging operations popped up almost immediately, leading government enforcers in a year’s long game of Whack-a-Mole. And flower shops, parking garages and basement apartments were repurposed into illicit watering holes, better known as speakeasies. Making alcohol at home was common among some families with wet sympathies during Prohibition. You'll get the longest burn out of its 17 oz. size—perfect for all those dinner parties, lazy Saturdays and a season's worth of little moments. Details you should know? Each is made with our premium soy wax and the finest quality ingredients from around the world. And we select the perfect wick type for each specific fragrance to ensure the very best quality burn.

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Length/Depth: 3.5 in
Width: 4 in
Height: 3.5 in


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Porch Whiskey | Soy Candle
Porch Whiskey | Soy Candle
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