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Fae and Ferns Tarot Deck Fae and Ferns Tarot Deck

Fae and Ferns Tarot Deck

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Tarot Deck, Tarot, cards, card stock, Major Arcana, divination, Cups, Pentacles, Swords, Wands. This deck is inspired by the classic Rider Waite tarot deck, so definitions can carry over! If you are familiar with the Rider Waite than this deck will be similar in nature. The Fae and Ferns Tarot deck is a 78 full color deck with to the edge printing. The tarot deck is a divination tool used to look into the past, present, and future. It can be used to strengthen your intuition, and can also be used just for fun. The deck includes 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana. Each suit (Minor Arcana) is themed. Cups are birds, Pentalces are bunnies, Swords and Moths, and Wands are Bees. Though definitions of the cards will be provided, we also highly recommend you get comfortable with the cards and come up with your own meanings. Details on the cards: Card stock: 300 gsm (smooth) Size of Deck: full 78 card deck Finish: MPC card finish

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Length/Depth: 8 in
Width: 6 in
Height: 2 in


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Sam Sawyer Shop is an independently run store by one person. Sam specializes in Tarot and prints, but has quite a bit of other treats to offer. A playing card deck, enamel pins, prints, etc.


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Fae and Ferns Tarot Deck
Fae and Ferns Tarot Deck
Sam Sawyer Illustrations
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