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Secret Place

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This image has been displayed in the SMUD gallery in Sacramento. The measurements listed are of the frame size. Keep in mind that the framed print image may contain glare or may not have the best lighting, so refer to the first image for a better view. This image is also available as a print upon request.

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Length/Depth: 0.01 in
Width: 27 in
Height: 21 in


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I prefer hand delivery within the Sacramento area for all large, framed, fragile or heavy items. Thanks.

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Images by Joan Carroll Kudin

Photography came by surprise for Joan Carroll Kudin, who spent much of her life involved in musical pursuits and never considered the expressive possibilities behind a lens. In 2010 she was gifted a camera and found it to be a freeing pursuit, not involving the raw lyrical baring of her own soul, but a way to discover the soul of other things. As a former employee of Tower Records and two community colleges and former resident of NYC and London, Carroll Kudin is most comfortable when surrounded by creativity. Her photography has found its way to such surroundings, having displayed at the SMUD Art Gallery, Pence Gallery, Sparrow Gallery, E Street Gallery, Viewpoint Gallery, the Sacramento Fine Arts Center, the California State Fair, and several regional art shows and events. Much of Carroll Kudin’s photographic work is inspired by nature while out walking with her dog, although she also enjoys the energy of concert photography. She hopes to one day find a home for her water images as patterns in interior design.


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Secret Place
Secret Place
Images by Joan Carroll Kudin

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