6mm Jade Gemstone Bracelet - Eventeny
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6mm Jade Gemstone Bracelet

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Length/Depth: 7 in
Width: 4 in
Height: 0.2 in
Length/Depth: 7.5 in
Width: 0.2 in
Height: 4 in


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GBead Adornments

GBead Adornments, LLC was created at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a creative at heart, I was able to use my time to get back into creating art, this time for the body. These handmade adornments are for both men and woman who want to feel empowered. I only craft in peace to create pieces in the hope that my positive intentions flow to the wearer. I currently make bracelets, anklets, necklaces and waistbeads, most of which are custom made. Making custom pieces is how I started GBead Adornments and hope to adorn all of you soon.

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6mm Jade Gemstone Bracelet
GBead Adornments

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