Deadline: Aug 11, 2024 11:59 pm (GMT-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Date: Aug 30, 2024 2:00 pm - Sep 01, 2024 8:00 pm (EDT)
Austin, Texas
$1 - $200

About the event

GalaxyCon Presents Fae Ball Austin
GalaxyCon Events LLC
GalaxyCon Events LLC

About the application

GalaxyCon presents Fae Ball Austin takes place August 30-Sept 1, 2024 at Austin Hilton.
Thank you for your interest in setting up as an Exhibitor, Vendor, Independent Publisher, Developer, Crafts Person, Artist, Writer, or Filmmaker at GalaxyCon presents Fae Ball Austin 2024. After filling out this form, you will receive an email regarding your approval status. This is an electronic agreement and by selecting the booths, you are validating and approving this agreement electronically.

Terms & Conditions

1. Booths must remain intact and manned throughout the hours of the convention and may not be dismantled before the closing of the convention. GalaxyCon presents Fae Ball Austin will not be held responsible for any issues arising from an unmanned booth during show hours. The loading dock will not be open for breakdown before the close of the exhibition room. If you break down your space before the end of the show you will be banned from setting up at future shows. Attendees have paid for the ability to shop with Vendors and Exhibitors and expect them to be set up during show hours. By breaking down early you are doing both the attendees and the show a disservice. Please be advised that there are vendors and artists that we will no longer welcome back due to breaking this rule. The show's management takes this very seriously. It is unfair to attendees, the show, and other vendors to break down early. If you cannot stay until the end of the show, please do not set up.
2. Exhibitors must comply with all local, state, and federal laws, and will not hold management liable for any breaches, losses, or damage to themselves or their property. All exhibitors agree to hold blameless GalaxyCon presents Fae Ball Austin, GALAXYCON EVENTS LLC, and all affiliated companies of GALAXYCON EVENTS LLC staff members and workers against any loss, damage, theft, expenses, claims, or actions arising from any personal or property damage, loss or theft due to said exhibitors participation in any event bearing the name GalaxyCon presents Fae Ball Austin. GalaxyCon agrees to pay for overnight security in the main exhibit hall. Exhibitor is responsible for their security during show hours.
3. Exhibitor badges are non-transferable. They may not be sold or used as prizes or giveaways. Exhibitor personnel must wear official Show Exhibitor badges at all times during move-in, show days, and move-out. Please do not give Exhibitor Badges to anyone other than your full-time employees and remove all badges from the building when you leave on your last day there. Badges left behind are often abused by unauthorized personnel so do not leave them in your booth or discard them on the floor.
4. Exhibitors are responsible for their booth staff. The exhibitor is responsible for all actions of his or her booth staff or anyone wearing their company exhibitor badge. Exhibitor booth personnel found in violation of policies will be removed, having their badge confiscated. Exhibitor staff misconduct can lead to the removal of the exhibitor from the exhibit floor without a refund. Exhibitors removed in this way will NOT be allowed to return to future shows with GALAXYCON/ANIMATE!.
5. All vendors/exhibitors/artists hereby acknowledge that GALAXYCON is not responsible for and will NOT provide or maintain insurance coverage for vendors/exhibitors' persons or property, and it is the exhibiting party’s sole responsibility to obtain insurance covering loss.
6. GALAXYCON in no way endorses any artists, vendors, exhibitors’ merchandise, exhibits, views, beliefs, or actions. All artists, vendors, and exhibitors are deemed to be their own business/entity and in no way reflect the views, beliefs, intentions, and/or direction of GALAXYCON. Artists, vendors, or exhibitors do not represent GALAXYCON in any way.
7. All merchandise bought or sold at GalaxyCon presents Fae Ball Austin is done strictly between artists/vendors/exhibitors and attendees/buyers, GalaxyCon presents Fae Ball Austin is not a party to or responsible in any way for any transactions made between said parties.
8. NO SWORD VENDORS OR WEAPONS VENDORS ALLOWED. THIS INCLUDES SWORDS, KNIVES, OTHER SHARP ITEMS, TASERS, LASERS, ETC… ANYTHING THAT IS A WEAPON. Anyone who attempts to sell weapons at the show will be asked to remove the items from their booth. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave the show, with no refund given.
10. No Bootleg DVDs or CDs. Representatives from various studios will be at the convention. Anyone selling unauthorized merchandise that infringes upon their copyright or licensing agreements (or any other studios) will be asked to leave the show. No refunds will be given if you break this rule and are asked to leave.
11. No outside food vendors are allowed. The Convention Center has an exclusive on food sales. This applies to Food Trucks on the Convention Center property. This applies to Pocky and Ramune as well.
12. Adult materials must be either behind the table or if displayed on a table or display rack bagged or covered so that minors may not open it. Any adult material containing nudity must be covered by local and state laws. Artists/Exhibitors agree not to sell any adult materials to minors. Violating this rule is cause for immediate dismissal from the show with no refund, and being banned from any future events hosted by the show's management.
13. Exhibitors may not display foul language or other offensive slogans, memes, innuendo, or materials in their space. Political propaganda that others may find offensive is prohibited. No symbols of hate or implied symbols of hate will be tolerated. Failure to comply is grounds for removal from the show without a refund.
14. No Live Animals. Exhibitors may not engage in the sale of live animals at the event.
15. Nudity is NOT allowed in the convention center under any circumstances.
16. No Bingo, Lottery type gaming (or gambling of any sort) is allowed.
17. No Sales Onsite or Promotion for Online or Offsite Sales of any guns real or replica.
18. State tax is the responsibility of the artist/vendor to collect according to state laws.
19. No exhibit may be higher than 12’ without prior approval by GalaxyCon presents Fae Ball Austin. All booth signage should be front-facing only. No exhibit may block or interfere with other exhibits or with the aisle space. Any damage caused to the building or its furnishings by the Artist/Exhibitor is the sole responsibility of the Artist/Exhibitor.
20. Abandoned Property: Any property not removed from the Convention Center that has not been claimed within forty-eight (48) hours following the end of the event will be considered abandoned by the Exhibitor.
21. Exhibitors hereby give permission to be photographed and recorded for any future GALAXYCON use.
22. No Standard Exhibitor is allowed to sublease its space without prior approval from GalaxyCon presents Fae Ball Austin. No National Brands may engage in branding or lead generation activities under the proxy of a Standard Exhibitor. Standard wholesaling practices remain ok.
23. Exhibitors/Artists are not permitted to solicit or sell in any part of the convention besides directly in front of their immediate booth/table area.
24. GALAXYCON reserves the right to change, amend, and add to the rules and regulations of the show at any time. If new rules are added that prevent you from selling your core product, you will be notified and refunded in full.
25. GALAXYCON reserves the right to immediately terminate any vendor that violates these terms and upon notice the vendor must immediately vacate the premises with all their property
CANCELLATION TERMS: Should you (the exhibitor) find that you are not able to attend GalaxyCon presents Fae Ball Austin and have already paid for your space, the policy is as follows: A refund will be given – minus a $150 cancellation fee per Exhibitor Booth before 7/1/24, and $75 per Artist Table before 7/1/24. Between 7/2/24 and 8/15/24 a refund will be given minus a $250 cancellation fee per Exhibitor Booth and $125 per artist table. After 8/15/24 a refund will be given minus a $350 cancellation fee per Exhibitor Booth and $200 per Artist Table.
For questions about vendor space, placement, and availability, contact or call 919-907-0424 and press 1 for Exhibitor Services. All mail should be addressed to GALAXYCON 5300 NW 12th Ave #2 Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33309


ARTIST ALLEY TABLES $200 Non-refundable The Artist Alley section is the section of the show designed to accommodate the needs of established and upcoming artists and writers. AI art is NOT eligible for Artist Alley. AArtist spaces are approx. 6 foot wide by 6 foot deep and come with (1) six-foot long table, 2 chairs, and 2 Badges. Badges are non-transferable. They may not be sold or used as prizes or giveaways. No realignment of the space or obstruction of anyone else’s space is permitted. Tables may not be removed to create booth space. These tables are placed directly next to each other in a row. Booth space is available in other areas of the show. These spaces are reserved for aspiring artists and writers who are selling/promoting their own personal work and may not be used to sell other merchandise not created by the artist/writer. Electricity is available from the venue. Information on purchasing electricity will be emailed a few weeks before the show. Additional exhibitor badges are $99. Badges are non-transferable. They may not be sold or used as prizes or giveaways. By purchasing an artist tables you agree to the terms and conditions listed on the checkout page. Limit 2 per artist.
ADDITIONAL EXHIBITOR BADGE $99 Non-refundable Additional badges for exhibitors ONLY. Please purchase these at the same time as your table so we can include them in your welcome packet. Badges are non-transferable. They may not be sold or used as prizes or giveaways. A limited number will be available for purchase at the exhibitor check-in table for CASH ONLY. (Please bring exact change)

Questions on the application

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Additional information

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  • How many booths of each type (corner or inline) do you plan on purchasing?
  • How did you hear about Fae Ball?
  • What Name Should We Use For You In Our Exhibitor Directory for Attendees to Find You?
  • What Kind of Merchandise Do You Sell?
  • Please type YES to confirm that you understand that you cannot sell weapons, swords, tobacco, vape, food, drink, animals, timeshares, or bootlegs, and also to indicate that you will adhere to all items in the agreement listed below and at checkout.
  • If you have requests about placement, please enter that here. If not, type NO.
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