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Food Truck Vendor Application

Deadline: Apr 17, 2024 11:59 pm (GMT-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Date: Apr 20, 2024 11:00 am - Apr 20, 2024 7:00 pm (EDT)
Miami, Florida
$100 - $300

About the event

The City of Miami is gearing up to host a fully sanctioned barbeque competition in partnership with the Florida Barbecue Association. This event, which promises to be a feast for the senses, is set to become a marquee occasion in our city's cultural calendar, rivaling even the esteemed Art Basel in terms of national appeal. The City of Miami PitMasters Competition and Festival was developed to raise funds for the Venture Miami Scholarship Fund. In collaboration with the Miami Foundation, the Venture Miami Scholarship Fund awards City of Miami residents enrolled in STEM programs. The fund provides gap in tuition funding to support residents that are Pell Grant recipients attending Florida International University, Miami-Dade College, Florida Memorial University and University of Miami. The barbecue competition will host an exciting grill off event on April 20th at Maurice Ferre Park. Teams will be judged on technique and flavor on barbecue brisket, pork, beef and chicken. In addition to the barbecue competition there will be lots of festivities for everyone! Enjoy vendors, music entertainment and kid zone. There will be something for everyone!
Clarke Smart Solutions
Clarke Smart Solutions
Clarke Smart Solutions
Clarke Smart Solutions

About the application

This application is for all Food Truck vendors. Any food truck exceeding 16ft in length will be charged an additional fee of $100.
All Vendors must provide their own power & lighting.
Vendor fees are non refundable.

Terms & Conditions

By approving and validating this application electronically, you agree to waive all liability to City of Miami Pitmasters Competition and Festival and all those listed, abide by the rules and regulations of City of Miami Pit-Masters Competition and Festival, the Florida BBQ Association, The City of Miami, and Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue.
This waiver of liability encompasses any incidents, accidents, or disputes that may occur within the event premises. Vendors understand that they are solely responsible for their setup, products, and conduct, and they voluntarily assume all risks associated with their participation. This waiver serves as a binding agreement, emphasizing that vendors hold City of Miami Pit-Masters Competition and Festival, the City of Miami and Clarke Smart Solutions harmless and indemnify them against any legal actions or claims.
You give permission for the City of Miami Pit-Masters Competition and Festival, The City of Miami, and Clarke Smart Solutions to use all photos and videos for advertising purposes.
  1. We prefer 10x10 white tents.
  2. Branded corporate tents are allowed. Corporate rates apply. Corporates are $200 daily.
  4. All vendors are required to provide their own power. Food Truck Operators, Trailers and Mobile Shops must provide their own power source via quiet generator.
  5. Vendors must complete set up no less than 1 hour before event start time. If you arrive after Event setup time, you will not be allowed on the property and you forfeit your fee.
  6. All tents must be properly secured with sufficient weights and or sandbag straps. Staking is allowed only in grass areas.
  7. Your spot is not secured until you are paid in full.
  8. Breakdown may begin a half hour before event end time and not before.
  9. Event management reserves the right to change setup and/or Event times due to weather or any other unforeseen conditions.
  11. Absent extreme, severe weather, the Event will not be canceled. The decision to cancel the Event is at the sole discretion of Event management.
  1. A final site map and space assignments will be provided via this site 10 hours prior to the Event day.
  2. Although we try our best to include an accurate site map and accommodate space requests prior to the Event, Event management reserves the right to change the layout for additional programming, weather, or any unforeseen conditions.
  3. Vendors must check in with Event management staff prior to setting up to receive/confirm their assigned space.
  4. Vendors must bring their own white 10 x 10 tents, tables, chairs, racks, lamps, etc.).
  5. Vendors should come properly prepared to withstand any weather conditions throughout the course of the Event. It is recommended that you bring tent weights to hold down your tent and tarps to cover any products/items that you may not want damaged by inclement weather, as well as ample supplies to dry tables, chairs, or any other items within your tent.
  6. Vendors will be allowed to unload at the designated area within the event, but must move their vehicle prior to starting setup.
  1. Vendors must arrive no less than two hours before Event time in order to unload on site. 
  2. Trailer Vendors must unhitch on site. Vendor vehicles are not allowed to remain on site.
  3. Parking areas will be disclosed on parking site map and sent to vendors 10hours prior to event day.
  4. The City of Miami Pitmasters or its affiliates are not responsible for damaged or stolen vehicles.

The Vendor  shall be obligated to clean up the vendor space and remove any and all articles placed on or in the ground, waste products, merchandise and debris from such area. The vendor shall also clean up any other areas where the vendor has placed or caused to be placed any debris, waste products or articles. No holes may be made in the turf or asphalt. The vendor space shall be returned to the venue in what is commonly known as “broom clean” condition. Vendors must vacate vendor space by Event end time. Event management reserves the right to charge a reasonable cleaning fee to those vendors not complying with this paragraph.


Food Truck Vending Fee SOLD OUT Non-refundable This vending fee is for food trucks 16ft and under and is non-refundable. NO BBQ VENDORS. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES
Additional fee/trucks larger than 16ft $100 Non-refundable This fee is non-refundable. NO BBQ VENDORS. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES

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Food  Truck Vendor Application
Food Truck Vendor Application
City of Miami Pit-Masters Competition & Festival
Application deadline has passed