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Deadline: May 17, 2024 12:00 am (GMT-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Date: May 17, 2024 5:00 pm - May 17, 2024 9:00 pm (EDT)
Senoia, Georgia

About the event

Alive After Five is a monthly evening festival in downtown Senoia, GA 5-9pm every 3rd Friday April - December! Downtown Senoia becomes filled with food trucks, artisan vendors, live music, and activities for all ages! This is a free event, with participation from downtown boutiques, small businesses, and restaurants. Hosted by a group of local residents and business owners, supported by the Senoia Downtown Development Authority. This festival offers opportunities to support small businesses, and highlights our historic downtown community for thousands of residents and visitors.
Senoia Alive After Five
Senoia Alive After Five
Senoia Alive After Five
Senoia Alive After Five

About the application

Thank you for applying to Senoia Alive After Five! Please review our application thoroughly before applying!

We only accept HANDMADE, ARTISAN GOODS. Alive After Five is focused on hand crafted vendors while supporting our downtown brick & mortar shops. We will not accept real estate agents, corporate businesses, churches, non profits, authors, schools, clubs, fundraisers, etc. Items must be handmade by YOU, this is not a buy-sell event. Your items for sale must be stated in your application and approved by our team. If you show up with items that are not otherwise approved, or sell your space to another vendor/friend, you will not be accepted for future Alive After Fives.

YOU WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED EVERY SINGLE MONTH! Even if you have previously attended multiple Alive After Fives, please understand that we regularly switch up our vendors to keep our event fresh and new for attendees. If you are not accepted, or you are waitlisted, please do not email us asking why. If you are accepted and do not show up without giving us 48 hours warning, you will not be accepted for future Alive After Fives.

Understand that Downtown Senoia is home to many boutiques and businesses. We will not bring in direct competition to any of our downtown stores. We have the right to reject your application/business if it competes directly with any of our downtown brick & mortar shops.

If your application is “Waitlisted” or “Rejected” please understand that it if because of the following reasons:

1) We are full for the month. We received hundreds of applications to our monthly events and have to pick vendors and items that are best for the event. If you are “Waitlisted” please know that if something opens up, you’ll be notified via email. 
2) Your items do not fit our event and its requirements. Please know that we carefully select vendors that will add value and attraction to Alive After Five. We seek out accepting professional handmade items with professional looking displays. 
3) We have already filled your category. Please know that we will not fill Alive After Five with all the same type of vendors. We are seeking select categories, such as pottery, candles, jewelry, woodworks, wreaths, etc etc. We do not need 10 of the same type of vendor and we carefully select who will fill that space. 
4) Applying to Alive After Five is not a first come first serve application process. Again we choose vendors which are best for the event. 
5) We have the right to reject your application if it does not fit the following descriptions above. 
6) If you are applying with consumable items, we require a copy of your latest health score. We have the right to reject your application if your health score does not meet our events requirements. 

There is NO ELECTRICITY PROVIDED at Alive After Five. If your products/display requires electricity, you must bring your own QUIET generator. 

Everything for your display must be provided by you. Alive After Five does not provide anything for your display, so come prepared! WHITE TENT (only white tents will be accepted, if you have a branded tent we request a photo of it before approval.) Tables, chairs, tablecloths, whatever you need for your display must be brought by you. 

Your application is not refundable. 

If you are accepted as a vendor to Alive After Five, you’ll receive a very detailed email on the Friday BEFORE the event day with details on set up, your location, what time to arrive, etc. We cover everything you need to know in our email! 

Our events are held outdoors which means we are unfortunately subject to the weather. We always keep a close eye on the radar but for everyone's safety we will make a call to cancel Alive After Five if there is bad weather on our event day. If we cancel Alive After Five due to the weather, we will refund every vendor and food truck in full. Please give 24 hours for refunds to be issued! 

We absolutely love to support small businesses, and we’re thankful that Alive After Five provides us with the opportunity to do so! We look forward to receiving and reviewing your application and any questions can be sent to us at 


10x10 Booth $50 Single booth space is 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep.

Questions on the application

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Additional information

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Craft Vendor
Craft Vendor
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