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Total Solar Eclipse Diamond Ring Metal Print Total Solar Eclipse Diamond Ring Metal Print

Total Solar Eclipse Diamond Ring Metal Print

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3/16" Aluminum metal print is created using a process called Dye Sublimation. The image is printed using heat that infuses the image directly into the hard aluminum super shiny coating, which provides a lasting durability and protection. Includes an easy hanging kit and is hand signed by me.

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Length/Depth: 1 in
Width: 12 in
Height: 12 in


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When I began, I never thought for a moment that I'd be selling my treasured photographs. I started taking photos of my favorite places, many of which were quickly changing from the Nashville I knew as a child. As a way to share with friends and loved ones I began making blank notecards with a photo on the front and a little history on the back. Friends then began asking me to make the notecards for them to give as gifts. This led to my son's school asking me if I could make some cards for a fundraiser, and that's how I started selling fine art photography. I am very blessed to be working full-time as a photographer in Nashville. I laugh when people ask me what I photograph. Anything that gives me an opportunity to learn and to make money! I love having the ability to capture a decisive moment in time telling the story of people, places and things that are rapidly disappearing. I am passionately inspired by nature, colorful places, beautiful light, and nostalgia. I'm fortunate to include albums, books, magazine covers, food, marketing, events, weddings, and product photography in my portfolio. My art can be seen in businesses, restaurants, medical clinics, and the Residence Inn and Spring Hill Suites in downtown Nashville. Every image means something to me!


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Total Solar Eclipse Diamond Ring Metal Print
Total Solar Eclipse Diamond Ring Metal Print
Art of Photography

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