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Duel Identity #1A - Retail Main Duel Identity #1A - Retail Main

Duel Identity #1A - Retail Main

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Duel Identity #1 Retail Main cover edition. This is the first character to cross over in the Absolute Universe when she met White Widow in issues #3-4 of her series. Their confrontation was epic, with lasting repercussions. This has sold out in most stores, and is created by White WIdow co-creator Benny Powell!

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Length/Depth: 0.25 in
Width: 6.63 in
Height: 10.2 in


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Benny Powell is a publisher, writer, and artist who began his career at Marvel in the 90’s, breaking in as a writer while still an intern – a feat which nobody had ever done before or since. While at Marvel he worked on such celebrated characters as the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and was the primary writer for most of Marvel’s online content. His first work, What If #77 (What if Legion Had Killed Magneto) was recently republished by Marvel for their “TRUE BELIEVER” series, a distinction Marvel uses to introduce new readers to what they feel are the best representations of a series. Currently, he is most known for being the writer, co-creator and sometimes cover artist for the hit White Widow comic which is currently the #1 independent comic book in the world. He is also co-creator and writer for the hit spin-off, I Make Boys Cry. He is also the creator and writer for Wayward Legends which has been read by millions worldwide, Darchon, AMPED, Duel Identity, Wayward Sons, Markiplier, and dozens more hits by Absolute Comics.

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Home of the #1 hit indy comic White Widow and the new smash spin-off I Make Boys Cry, Absolute Comics Group is the shared universe arm of Red Giant Entertainment. With over a dozen top-selling titles and ever-expanding audience, Absolute is quickly becoming one of the top publishers and innovators of new, original intellectual properties in comics!


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Duel Identity #1A - Retail Main
Duel Identity #1A - Retail Main
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