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A posable breton brimmed hat with a curly point. The brim is bound in dupioni silk with a matching tie around the crown . This is a soft hat but has pvc monofilament in the brim to help keep it’s shape. The brim is approximately 13 inches across. You can request some specifics such as approximate curlicue length and brim width. You can also request a two color wool twisted band or a wider silk band or no band at all. Also works well as a casual wizard hat. You can order this hat in any color you like at no additional charge. Please email me for customization. Sizing: Measure your head around the middle of your forehead above the ears. If your size falls between my sizing (ie 22 ¼) please round up. ***All of my hats are hand felted Merino wool from non- tail docked sheep and almost everything is made to order. My lead time is 2 weeks for production before I can ship. Occasionally I have things in stock in which case I ship within 2 business days. I ship using a 2-3 day service.*** The nature of hand felted wool means that there are many variables that are more or less difficult to control. Your hat will not look 'exactly' like the one pictured but will be as near a duplicate as possible. Dimensions listed are approximate.

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Length/Depth: 12 in
Width: 11 in
Height: 8 in



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If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason you can return it or exchange it within 30 days provided it’s still in resale condition. You would be responsible for the return shipping unless it’s a genuine mistake on my part.
Exceptions may apply. Please message Wendy for more information.

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With a background in performance and design, Wendy has been making hand-felted wool accessories for a living since 2000. Her creations are produced by herself and a small team of artist assistants from her studio in Durham, North Carolina.

Moss Fete

Hand-felted accoutrements for your alter-ego. Including, but not limited to vintage and fantasy inspired hats, neck-wear, wings, capes and the occasional dragon.


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Bard 4
Bard 4
Moss Fete
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