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Bionic 'Blooms' Garden Gloves Bionic 'Blooms' Garden Gloves

Bionic 'Blooms' Garden Gloves

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Best garden gloves ever! Your hands won't ache. They are designed by a hand surgeon. Velcro closing carpal tunnel wrist support, silicone fingertips for digging strength, tough but supple goatskin palm with spandex on top for breathability. This is a long-lasting garden glove you will keep wearing even when you do the tedious garden chores. Make sure to consult the sizing chart because we have 10 sizes. We will exchange sizes and style gloves after the holidays.

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Length/Depth: 1.5 in
Width: 8 in
Height: 11 in
Length/Depth: 2 in
Width: 9 in
Height: 12 in


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If combined shipping costs are ridiculous, we have no control on this site--we give refunds for excessive shipping fees when we bundle your products.

Refund & return policy

Gloves may be exchanged for a different size or style after the holidays. We will contact all customers of our custom items (lamps) to detail availability dates and those items may be adjusted.
Exceptions may apply. Please message Wendy for more information.

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The Rose Gardener

We are a sister owned and run garden business that specializes in ergonomic, hand-healthy Bionic garden gloves and Barnel tools, unique accessories, gifts for your gardener friends and for you while enjoying the garden.

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Bionic 'Blooms' Garden Gloves
Bionic 'Blooms' Garden Gloves
The Rose Gardener

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