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52” x 48” Acrylic Rust-Oleum on biscuit-joined pine. The #1 looper of all time. Not good, not great, SUPER! All of the wood cuts are handmade by the artist from high-quality pine. The construction process involves binding the pine boards through biscuit-joinery procedure, glue application, wood pressing and structure rear support. The finished art is unique, durable and everyone is one-of-a-kind! These are typically larger pieces and weight on average 12 - 20 lbs. The back side of all the artists wood cuts are rigidly structured to prevent them from ever warping or cupping. When hung, these wood cuts hang elegantly and hover off the wall a uniform 1.75” all the way around. Hanger hardware is provided by the artist for all art purchased.

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I BELIEVE Art should boldly tell your story to the world. It should reflect what you love, what you believe and what makes you unique. Art does NOT have to be boring… BE BOLD! Put some POP on your walls!

Art of Spanjer

I believe art should say something bold about who you are. It should challenge the status quo and set you apart. An Art of Spanjer on your wall will do that. FINE ART DONE BOLDLY


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Super Looper
Super Looper
Art of Spanjer

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