Daniel Easton

E022 - Events in Atlanta

Daniel Easton joined Plantastic Events episode on May 12, 2018. He talked about how Atlantic Station hosts different events and how you can host your event at Atlantic Station.

Daniel Easton

Hot topics for episode 022:

  1. The types of community festivals and events Atlantic Station hosts
  2. Ways to host your event at Atlantic Station
  3. Some creative ways to market festivals and events

Daniel Easton has been the Marketing Director for Atlantic Station for six years and initially joined to create the concierge services. Prior to his role, Daniel also worked with the Coca-Cola Company for 12 years. Atlantic Station opened in 2005 and is known as a city within a city with over 35 retailers and 17 restaurants.

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Guest: Daniel Easton.
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Podcast Transcript

Transcript by Nausheen Punjani

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